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DREW CAMP - online

Drew Camp is a songwriter from North Vancouver who combines his way with words and melodies with musical progressions, layering various instrumentations over top. He tells us stories through his songs and leaves the hidden messages up to the imagination of the listener.

Drew has been creating music and songwriting for the better part of ten years working towards building a large catalogue of songs.

With the help of some friends from high school, Drew had a band named Lazyboy for a couple years, playing venues in Vancouver, the Sunshine Coast and Kamloops, creating a small following wherever they went.

After the band split, Drew continued writing his songs and playing with drummer Joe Fazio, eventually leading them back into the studio late 2006. A series of late night sessions with longtime friend and producer Alex Aligazakis and Ontario based musician/producer Daryl Romphf emerged the album Left to the Imagination.

Drew has always been an easily inspired individual, with his many interests and experiences in life , he relates to and draws from almost any situation, communicating through music.
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